Sunday, September 13, 2020

Dream Like Jesus 1

Have you made a new year resolution or wishes at the beginning of the year? Like losing weight, go to the gym three times a week, be patient with the kids…. I used to have at least three things to accomplish each year like eating chocolate less and fresh food more or exercise regularly.. I guess you all have or used to have the list goes on and on, right? Those all might be worthwhile goals, but today we will think about something bigger than goals, which is dreams. So, may I ask, ‘do you have a dream?’ You may say something like, ‘I’m eighty something…I’m not that young to have a big dream at this age…’ But I want us to be reminded that God has dreams for us and we are to be living the dreams throughout our lives. It’s not a personal dream, financial dream or The American dream. God has created each one of us with a particular purpose in God’s overall creative plan for the universe, and our task in life is to discover that purpose and fulfill it.