Sunday, October 4, 2020

Our Money Story 1 “Remember”

Today we are starting a worship series called ‘our money story’. We will look at stories in the Bible, related to their money stories. Each week we will talk about each section: Remember, Release, Reimagine, and Restore. And at each worship from next week, prayers, poetry and art, created by Sanctified Art, will be put together.

This morning we read two stories, the story of manna in the wilderness and Jesus’ last supper. Let’s see how these two stories are connected and what they tell us about God. One thing that we can catch quickly is they both are about something to eat, bread and manna. As you know, in the manna story, the Israelites are out just of slavery. They had escaped from the severe suffering that had gone on for a long time, so which was great. But they were soon starting to realize that they are in for a long journey to get to the promised land. You know how long it was taken. 40 years. How can they be prepared to be fed for the long journey? They might pack as much as they could, but obviously it was not enough for the long journey. You can imagine it. Food has run out. Where are they supposed to find food in the wilderness? It is true that they are getting anxious and angry because they must be going to die. So they started complaining why didn’t God let us die in Egypt. There is at least food in Egypt. At least they were not going to die because they are hungry. So, the Israelites must have cursed God -why rescue them from slavery, not just to let them die there. The freedom was great, their dreams came true but now they starve. They might be in panic. And finally they might have a moment that they had to face, saying ‘this is our last piece of bread…’ As they broke the bread, they must have felt like it was their last meal and there wouldn’t be enough for them to live any more.