Sunday, November 22, 2020

Barbara Certa – Werner (NW District Superintendent)
“New Ways to be Thankful”

Last week, we received a piece of mail addressed to Joel, my husband, but in his own handwriting. I wondered, “why would Joel be sending himself mail?” I patiently waited until he came home. He looked at the envelope and wondered the same thing! He ripped it open and it was a thank you card! I asked, “why are you sending yourself a thank you card?” Again, we were perplexed. Upon opening it, the thank you was for a baby shower party/gift that we gave. He completely forgot that he had addressed his own envelope!

“Thank you” cards have been an important point of inspiration for me to receive as well as to give. I have a desk drawer full of different kinds of thank you cards for me to send out as well as a folder of ones that I have received. Thank you cards express appreciation but do so much more – they encourage generosity, inspire us, and give joy.