Sunday, May 2, 2021

Fifth Sunday of Easter / Sermon Series : Dare to Dance Again – Acts 8:26-39
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This is the Fifth Sunday after Easter. As we move deeper into the season of Easter here is a question to think about. What difference does the resurrection make in your lives? or Is only Easter Sunday a time that we celebrate in a joyful energy reminding ourselves of the Good News and then return to our real lives?

I’ve seen that one of my clergy friends posts a pic and asks the question everyday ‘where do you see a new life today’? Whether I’ve thought about the question or not, each day as I see the post, it lets me think about my day as Easter people. Sometimes a moment of watching your dog or cat playing, feeling a breeze of fresh air…. Through any moments, we may experience God renewing us and the part of the word that we are in. Hoping to see the signs of newness constantly around us, let’s see today’s text which is also a post resurrection story.