Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father’s Day! Today we celebrate father’s day, which like Mother’s day can be hard for some. for those who don’t know their dads, or who might have complicated relationships with them. For those who are having their first Father’s Day without their father or grandfather. or for fathers who have lost their children. It is a day to honor all our fathers, but also it could be a hard day for some. That kind of pain is actually the place where this day started. The very first Father’s Day was in 1908, West Virginia. A terrible coal-mine explosion killed 360 miners and left more than 1,000 children without fathers, so the local Methodist church held a service in honor of fatherhood. So, father’s day is the day that we celebrate and give thanks to our fathers, also we are to honor the losses some have suffered and its meaning today as we read a prayer together.