Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sermon Series “Why: Making sense of God’s will” – Week 3: Why Can’t I Find God’s Will for My Life?
Colossians 1: 3-9, Romans 12:1-5
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I want to start with this story that I read in the book, Why. There was a farmer and he was praying in his field. “Lord, what is your will for my life?” He looked up and saw two large clouds forming letters and it looked like a letter, P and C. P. C. He thought about this letter for a few minutes and thought it was God’s answer to his prayer. He thought “P.C. God must want me to be Preach Christ!”. He thought he was giving him a sign and God was calling him to be a preacher. He left his farm and announced to his friends that he had been called to be a preacher and went out preaching in any church that would have him. But it didn’t go well. His ministry was unfruitful. So, a year later he returned to his farm and his friends came and asked “what happened? We thought God called you to be a preacher.” He said, “I finally realized that P.C didn’t mean Preach Christ. It means, ‘Plant Corn’!

We all know discerning God’s will is not easy. Right?

Let’s consider these questions first. Does God have a specific will for each decision we make and each action that we take in every situation? I mean, is everything that happens predetermined by

God’s will? Is the story of our lives already written like a manuscript for a play? Or is it a work in progress?