Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sermon Series “Why: Making sense of God’s will” – Week 1: Why Do the innocent Suffer?
Genesis 1:27-28, Psalm 139:1-14
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Today we begin a new sermon series with the book, Why: making sense of God’s will. No matter how long we have been at church, I’m sure we all often wrestle with questions, hard questions like why does God sometimes seem so distant and uninvolved? How can I trust God when nothing seems to make sense? Or why does God allow suffering, tragedy to exist? Where do we find God in suffering?

The book has four parts: “Why Do the Innocent Suffer? ” “Why Do My Prayers Go Unanswered?” “Why Can’t I See God’s Will for My Life?” “Why God’s Love Prevails” Today we will talk about the relationship between God and suffering with the question ‘why do the Innocent suffer’. I don’t think we will find complete answers just in a few minutes, but I hope we can get some hints for the hard questions this morning so that we can understand better our God who is loving and just.