Sunday, August 8, 2021

1 Kings 19:4-8

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What do you always take with you to eat while traveling? I think most of you have preferences. You might pass the bread back and forth while you were eating in the car. While we were traveling to Yellowstone last month, we often bought sandwiches to eat quickly. Or I brought Korean style curry and cooked rice so that we can just mix them and simply eat in the car. And in Korea, a kind of sushi roll, called Kimbap is one of food that people can buy and eat easily at any places like you can find easily fast food. Since Kimbap is easy to carry and eat, it is a food that most of kids bring as lunch for their field trips and picnics. Nowadays it is easy to buy and take out anywhere, but in my childhood it was mostly moms’ job to make it in the early morning for our field trip. It takes time to prepare with all ingredients, so my mom started it early in the morning. I have good memories of getting up early with excitement and seeing my mom making Kimbap. So, to me Kimbap is always along with picnic in my mind. And in our camping, you know my family likes tent camping. We usually eat Korean barbeque called — with cooked rice and veggies and sauce. One day I thought, how about we eat something simpler than that so that we can take more time to relax and enjoy camping? So, we

ate something simple next time. But then we realized that this is not the camping that we like.