Sunday, August 30, 2020

Preacher: Sharon Fortune (Lay Servant at Hope) – “Transformed from the Inside Out”

During this time of the pandemic, we are experiencing all sorts of emotions: loneliness from being isolated from our family and friends; sad from grieving the death of a loved one; fearful of catching the coronavirus ourselves; stressed out with losing a job or the job changing; anger that we cannot do what we want to do among other emotions. All because our lives have been disrupted by this new virus.

Two weeks ago Bishop Hee-Soo Jung gave the sermon. One of the things he said was,
“Filled with the Holy Spirit we are transformed. Our human disabilities transcended by the power of the Spirit at work in us. Healing and blessing will flow from our being, our words, and our doing into the lives of those suffering around us.”

That sounds great but how can we get the Holy Spirit to fill us up so that we can be transformed? How can we be a blessing to others when we are struggling ourselves?