Sunday, August 23, 2020

We have watched and talked about Mr. Rogers last summer, but I brought it again today as we are asked to be a good neighbor during this time of the pandemic more often than other times.

I guess some of you might have grown up watching many episodes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. And for little children now, they are watching Daniel Tiger as we just listened to a part of the song.
Fred Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister, but he said he was inspired to get into television because when he viewed children’s television all he saw was anger. He was displeased with the way television connected with kids. So, he got on television and loved people of all races, abilities, and backgrounds. Everyone was equal in his neighborhood, then he always asked, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Let’s watch one of the episodes. This one is the film, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’, Tom Hanks plays Mr. Rogers. Briefly summarizing, Lloyd Vogel is an investigative journalist who receives an assignment to profile Fred Rogers. He approaches the interview with skepticism, as he finds it hard to believe that anyone can have such a good nature. But Roger’s empathy, kindness and decency soon affects gradually Lloyd’s perspectives on life and force him to reconcile with his own painful past. Let’s take a look.