Sunday, August 15, 2021

1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14

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God talked to Solomon and asked a question like “What would you wish for if you could wish for anything?” Many of you may know the classic story, Aladdin’s Lamp. When Aladdin rubs the lamp, the genie appears and grants him three wishes, but there are some limits like the genie can’t kill anyone, he can’t make anyone fall in love, or he can’t bring people back from the dead. Because of this wonderful story, you maybe used to wish in your childhood to find a genie in a bottle who would grant us three wishes. We don’t make wishes like for the latest toys, a new bicycle, or a trip to Disneyland anymore, but as we grow up, perhaps we still can’t pick only three to wish among many desires. But in today’s text, Solomon picks one thing. Wisdom.

It was the time that the old King, David, died and they had to pick a new king. Two sons of David, Solomon and Adonijah, are both aggressive candidates for the succession and in the end, Solomon prevails and becomes king. So, Solomon has just ascended to the throne of his father David that beloved king of Israel. Since it was after competition between the two, a few people including Adonijah lost their lives in Solomon’s power.