Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sermon Series “Why: Making sense of God’s will”- Week 4: Why God’s love prevails?
Romans 8:28, 35, 37-39
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For the last 3 weeks we’ve talked about God’s will. How do we see God’s goodness, God’s presence even in sufferings? What is the meaning of prayer to me, thinking of why God doesn’t answer all prayers. And last week, we talked about discerning God’s will. Is it a predetermined and prewritten script to play for us? But then what is the point of human activity to God if we are supposed to live our lives as it has already completed and written.

Those questions are not new ones as we’ve been on our faith journey for years, but I think it is good to take time to think about those questions and develop your theology, your own understanding based on your current relationship with God. If your prayer life had been more about asking God to do certain things, then I hope through this sermon series, you can expand your understanding of prayer and God in which our prayers may not be to advise God on how to run your life and the world, but to understand that God’s ways of working in the world is often more indirect, using God’s people and their influence rather than forcing power. Instead of asking for God’s will to make specific decisions in

every situation, I hope we begin to see that our lives are more like a blank book on which you and God are collaborating in writing.

This morning summarizing those messages, I hope we remember again that everything comes from God’s love. All God’s activities, God’s will is out of God’s love because God is love itself and we have hope believing that ultimately God’s love will prevail.