September 3, 2023

September 3rd– Communion Sunday

“Who Am I?”

Ex 3:1-15; Matt 16:21-28

Knowing God and making a declaration of faith is an important part of the journey of faith. But then what usually follows an encounter with God is an acute and often painful awareness of self. Moses, following his father-in-law’s sheep in the wilderness, far away from a shady past, stumbles across a God who calls him to a mission of liberation. Who are you, so that I can answer when they ask who sent me.” But alongside that question is a realization that he does not measure up to this ideal or to this calling. “Who am I,” Moses asks again and again in an attempt to crawl out from under this call. Our awareness of self is an important element of the journey. But like our understanding of who God is, our understanding of ourselves changes and grows with time.

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